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an esoteric soul
February 04, 2005  

life's a trip

it’s funny...when you put a new vibe out into the universe, you can sometimes sense that it’s been recognized. by whom or what, i’m not sure...being agnostic, i’m not sure that i ever will. but sometimes, things? things just start to happen. people are drawn to you. opportunities flow your way. life starts to look a little different. more exciting, maybe, or just more interesting.

early last week, i was perusing updates to
the most definitive meshell web site ever and took note of her european tour this spring to promote the spirit music jamia: dance of the infidel, her long-awaited new jazz album. on a whim, i checked airfare prices, just to see. well, between $650 and $800 for airfare alone just didn’t seem feasible, so i dismissed it as just another of my crazy ideas.

the next day, i got an e-mail from
deshi, with a subject line reading “crazy idea.” and i had a feeling.

to make a long story short, i’m flying to chicago in april, where i’ll join
deshi on a plane to london. we’ll spend 2 nights there, the second of which we’ll see meshell and the spirit music jamia at the jazz cafe. the following morning, we’ll board a plane to amsterdam, where we’ll see the show again (!) at the paradiso. we'll then have an entire day and evening to explore the city that's been on my top-3 list of places to visit for YEARS, and see what kind of trouble we can get into.

and it really is happening. we still have some reservations to make, but we've bought tickets for both concerts and have one of the hotel rooms reserved.

now, first...i’ve never before been abroad. sure, i’ve been to canada several times, including vancouver and toronto and a pristine lake in northern ontario. i’ve also been about 3 steps into mexico, to shop in a little border town across the rio grande. but europe? it's just never been in my cards. i was supposed to go to london for a class when i was in college, either my sophomore or my senior year, but the money was just never there. and then, when i was planning to visit my sister in barcelona while she was living there, my job was suddenly eliminated, and the money i'd been saving for the trip had to be used for rent.

deshi and i have been e-mailing each other for years, since we first met on a (now-defunct) meshell message board...we really don't know each other all that well. we did meet for dinner a little over a year ago, when i was in chicago presenting at a conference...and we had talked on the phone a few times prior to making arrangements for this trip. still, "european travel companions" is not what i would have pegged us. yet it became apparent that she is the only person i know who would and could actually travel to europe specifically to see a meshell show, and vice versa. so it's gonna be great.

yeah...life’s a trip, for real. *grin*

3:58 PM

can i be jealous now or what? *grin*
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